The time has come when we start focusing on the fitness of our kids. During the recent research we found 40% kids are obese and are facing anxiety or depression. But i think there should be more percentage if we count kids with other physical or mental health issues.

So what are we doing to help them?

Kids were never this sick ever before in the history.

We gave i phone in their hands and PlayStation to stay busy and happy , orverloaded them with unnecessary subjects in their school and now they have become half robot already.

Atleast robots can be charged but there is nothing to charge the energy of your kids in the latest times.

Spending most of their time infront of the digital screen sitting and eating fast food has made them sick and tired.

They need some real habbits and behavior changes to overcome the physical changes they going through.

Karan Mewari founder of Peak Physique has been designing workouts and therapies for kids since 2009. The kids who have trained under him are in the best physical and mental health. He has been asking parents to indulge their kids in real games. Though very few understand and put their kids into his stream.


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