Stay fit or live weak

Karan SinghFounder, Peak Physique

Peak Physique is the brain child of Karan Singh Mewari- a Dedicated Reebok certified Fitness & Step trainer, Nesta certified Impact Instructor.

PEAK PHYSIQUE is full body workout studio focusing on lean body mass & athletic fitness. All our workouts(if followed regularly) have been developed to make it easy for you to get in great shape, correct your posture, do different movements & stay healthy overall. Not just weight loss or gain, you will get a powerful core & athletic fitness. Our different forms of dynamic workout routines always keep you excited. In order for you to get results from working out & becoming healthy, you need careful guidance, qualified trainers & right set of workouts. We ensure that you get all this at Peak Physique.

There have been a lot good & effective workouts developed & followed in the world. We want to give you the best of all these workouts, while also creating new routines so that you always have new challenges. Plus you are around a bunch of energetic people while groovy music plays in the background during the workouts. No machines are required except just being present on the floor, tuning into your senses & doing your best. Once you get a hang of it you can do these routines anywhere.

Founded by Karan back in June 2010, Peak Physique has been totally focused on providing the best in fitness that Indore has to offer. We had a humble beginning with only a few members. But with dedicated work, focus & giving effective results to its members Peak Physique is a now proud family of 1500 beautiful & healthy people. Start working out with us to see your self transform into a stronger & fitter you day after day

01. Eat Right.

02. Exercise Right.

03. Repeat.